We consider planning and assessment as a first and critical function of every successful investment . Early assessment is one of the tools we use in projecting and eliminating hiding cost and project delays. For this reason,we have a dedicated resources from human to machinery to ensure all obstacles are overcome for smooth completion of your project.


Sourcing technical equipment, materials and parts is one of the barriers most organizations encounter in Renewable Energy today. To break these barriers, we are registered with some of most resourceful distributors, suppliers and manufacturers around the globe. This also helps us to get updates on new technology and products.


Looking at cost and complexity of a renewable energy project, installation is the final piece of the puzzle. We ensure all dimensions are taken into consideration, it being architecture, safety, efficiency or cost to meet all specifications and project requirements. To avoid late modification and structural changes recommend being involved in the earliest possible stage in a project’s design phase.


TRPRL utilizes modern energy monitoring technologies to track daily harvest, so you have an idea of how well your investment is doing. At the same time, these systems help reduce downtime, whilst facilitating maintenance schedule by recording details of usual and unusual event that may occur.


We have the capability to perform scheduled or emergency maintenance services on Renewable Power Project from domestic to commercial magnitude. This means calling inventory of every resource needed to successfully complete every task in safe, economic, efficient and timely manner. Our commitment is to maintain business relationship by performing reliably in maintaining good quality standard and practices.