Grid-Tie System

Grid-tied as it explains itself as being connected to the national grid.

Grid-tied system works by sending what it produces back into the grid, to reverse energy metering device; that is if the system is producing more than what is being consumed at that particular point in time.

In the case of grid-tied solar power system; where power production is only during the day time, this system is mainly used to reverse energy meter backwards during the production period.

The customer can then consume what was sent back to the grid during the night when solar system don’t produce power. This system is simply give and take trade between the consumer and utility company.

Benefits of grid-tied

Grid-tied is the cheapest of all the systems types and here is why;

  • No expensive battery charging systems
  • Less number of equipment involved
  • No complex load calculation necessary with battery efficiency and other factors
  • Saves space, since most of equipment could be installed with solar panels over the roof
  • No battery design life, maintenance and environmental issues to deal to deal with


  • Not all countries allows grid-tied systems
  • Not suitable for countries where grid is unstable or unreliable
  • Authorization is required from grid power company, since a special meter is required to record energy in both backward and forward directions.