Grid-Tie System

Designed to deliver some, most, or all of the power that is required by a family or business to power all of the appliances and other necessities of life in their home or office.

Off-Grid System

This is great for those who live in remote locations where electric grid is extremely expensive or those who prefer to not have a monthly bill with the electric bill at all.

Hybrid System

This is a powerful and cost-effective investment for your home, saving your thousands of cedis in energy costs.

Services We Offer

As the leading Solar PV and Wind Turbine installer in the country, we guarantee quality project delivery that gives you the real value for your power investment,  we deliver customized solutions and always put your interest first making sure you are exceptionally satisfied with our services.


Planning and Site Evaluation

We consider planning and assessment as a first and critical function of every successful investment.

Equipment and Material Sourcing

Sourcing the right materials has been a task, W e are registered with the most resourceful distributors, suppliers and manufacturers around the globe.


We accurately ensure the best techniques are applied in installing your solar power putting into consideration safety, architecture, efficiency and future modifications.

Maintenance and Servicing

We have the capacity to perform scheduled or emergency maintenance services on renewable power from domestic to commercial magnitude.